18 Feb 2007

Bike trip to Den Haag

Yesterday I went to Den Haag by bike, It was a good trip of 9 Km. I arrive at Den Haag at 12 o’clock more or less, leaved my bike in the centre and went for a walk in the central streets. I arrived at the central lake of Den Haag (view panoramic photo) and here I eat my sandwich. I leaved Den Haag at 16 o’clock, I was a little bit lost to got the correct way to return home, but finally I arrive at home one hour later. In the route I bought a speakers for my laptop. It was a nice trip!!

14 Feb 2007

Living in Delft

This is my first blog, and my first post too :D In addition this is an important day for me because today is valentin's day and I'm lucky to be in love with the best person in the world, I love you baby.

Now I'm living in Delft because doing my final Master of Science in the higher technical university of Nederlans, I will stay here until 31th of Julie and I must work hard! This webblog will offer to reader a nice point of view of my stay here and more...

You’re Welcome!